Free Guide To Estate and Medicaid Planning in New York

No one knows how long they'll live or what the future might bring. Regardless of where you are in life, you can benefit from having a plan in place to protect your assets, your family, and your wishes in the event that you become incapacitated or die unexpectedly.

A well-designed estate plan can help you minimize your tax burden, easily and effectively pass property to beneficiaries, protect minor children, provide for loved ones with special needs, and much, much more. However, New York estate and administration laws are complicated, and the planning process can be confusing—and even frustrating—when you're unfamiliar with its ins and outs.

At Landskind & Ricaforte Law Group, P.C., we understand, and we're here for you. Our exceptional Brooklyn-based estate planning and elder law attorneys have helped countless clients draft the legal documents needed to achieve their goals. 

We Wrote the Book on New York Estate and Medical Planning Legal Services 

If you're like many of the clients who come to us to discuss their estate planning needs, you probably have a lot of questions about estate plans, the creation process, and the best strategies for protecting your family and legacy. We wrote Estate and Medicaid Planning in New York: What Everyone Needs to Know to provide invaluable insight into these complex topics. Find information on:

  • What makes up an estate 
  • Who needs an estate plan
  • What an estate plan can help you accomplish 
  • Minimizing your tax liability 
  • How planning can help you qualify for Medicaid coverage for long-term nursing care 
  • The value of working with seasoned estate planning attorneys 
  • And much more

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