Age on your own terms with a life care plan.If you are beginning the estate planning process, you may have considered creating a life care plan along with your last will and testament. A life care plan has a detailed account of your wishes and instructions for family members to follow if you suffer a health care crisis. Making these decisions can be a daunting task, so planning ahead can spare your loved ones a great deal of stress. 

Tailoring Your Life Care Plan to Meet Your Wants as Well as Your Needs 

Your life care plan is an intensely personal document. While estate planning is about what you have, life care planning is fundamentally about who you are—and what you want to happen (and do not want to happen) as you age.

Your elder law attorney can help you design a life care plan that respects your:

  • Non-negotiables. Many people begin the process not by stating what they want, but by explaining what they absolutely do not want. For example, some people just want to ensure that their spouse will be taken care of, while others are adamant about staying in their own home as they age. Once we know what is most important to you, we can explore the various ways to meet that goal, including preserving funds and drawing up legal documents to remove your biggest fears and reduce stress.
  • Personal values. Your personal beliefs could influence your medical care choices, funeral arrangements, or other aspects of end-of-life care. We can help incorporate your cultural and religious values into the decisions that you would want to be made on your behalf. 
  • Past experiences. In many cases, other people’s experiences and memories from our past can have an enormous impact on our future care choices. If you are concerned about your future due to an experience you had or with someone you know, we can take steps to avoid the same outcome for you.

At Landskind & Ricaforte Law Group, P.C., our life care planning services take a practical approach to difficult problems, allowing you and your loved one to make decisions with confidence and enjoy peace of mind. If you have questions about your future, fill out our quick contact form or call us to learn how we can help you with a custom-made estate plan.

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