Now is the time to meet with an elder law attorney.Many people assume that “elder” lawyers are only needed when a family member is sick or incapacitated. While our elder law attorneys often help those who are planning late in life, we can be extremely beneficial to people planning in their thirties, forties, and fifties.

Benefits of Meeting With an Elder Law Attorney Right Now

There really is no right or wrong age to seek guidance from an elder lawyer. The earlier you begin to plan for your golden years, the more options you will have for protecting your wealth and future care. In fact, you may want to see an elder law attorney sooner rather than later if you have concerns about your:

  • Health. You may have already created a last will and testament in the event of your passing, but this document doesn’t apply if you were to become incapacitated. Our lawyers can add vital documents to your plan—such as a living will, health care proxy, and powers of attorney—to protect you in the event of illness or disability.
  • Family situation. Estate planning for young couples typically focuses on providing for children and ensuring the right guardian will raise the kids. As you get older, you may want to start multigenerational planning by adding provisions for grandchildren or helping your adult children start estate plans of their own.
  • Assets. Many people make the mistake of spending down their wealth or transferring cash and property during their lifetimes to try to preserve their Medicaid eligibility. If you have considerable assets, an attorney can help you qualify for benefits, plan around the Medicaid lookback period, and explore more ways to pay for future nursing home care.

At Landskind & Ricaforte Law Group, we can advise you on your options and give you peace of mind so you can fully enjoy your retirement. If you have questions about your future, fill out our quick contact form or call us to learn more about what we do.